multiple offers over asking

From 2/13/17

I had received several fliers from Julie over the years, and considered her to be (if nothing else) persistent. So I kept one of her magnets in my office, and a photo of it on my phone. So a few years go by and I decide to sell my place in Nashville, so I call her. I’m in another state during  most of this. I did meet her at the house once and we discuss what needed to be done to the place, and what furniture and appliances need to stay or leave. She said that day she expected it to sell in under 48 hours. This pleased my wallet, but I was a bit doubtful, especially when she told me what we should ask, and that was even higher than expected. In under 48 hours the place sold with multiple offers over our asking. We settled at about 7-8% over asking. She was polite, and in my case very patient. Always respectful of all involved. And she closed the deal. I will always be grateful, and felt she done a fantastic job representing both myself, and her firm. Highly recommended by me. Dennis Webb